Welcome To GVRA

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Take a walk in the past....

when times were simpler and the stands were filled with cheering fans

rooting for their favorite driver. Remember when the cars  had character?

They were built with blood, sweat and junkyard parts.

Come join us for the excitement of Vintage Stock Car racing!  

Vintage Photo Of The Month

                                                                                          Ronnie Taylor

Photo Disclaimer

(Note to photographers: If your images appear here without your consent, please inform us so that we can remove them or give proper credit. Thanks for all you do for the sport of Auto Racing!)

Club News

Tuesday Dec. 9, we are going to meet for dinner at 6:30 at the Old Town Buffett on South Lindbergh across from Dave Sinclair Ford. Any questions call Marc or Brian.

In Memory of Curt Hauck

 On a very sad note, one of our own GVRA members, Curt Hauck, passed away on February 19, 2013. Curt was 51 years old. Curt was the driver of the #00 Cuda and  a big force in the "Hauck Racing Team". He was a friend to everyone and always a pleasure to talk to. Curt will be greatly missed by everyone.


2014 Points Champion  #65 Cliff Hensley

Joe Hauck and Rolla Auto Salvage completed the restoration of Ray Eby's '39 Willys and brought it out to Granite City for its first race since 1970. Last year Dwight Barbeau's 51 Henry J debuted for the first time since the early '60s. These are both St. Louis local cars from the past in as original of a configuration as possible. The cartoon was done for Dwight Barbeau. This was a statement that he made while his '51 Henry J vintage race car was being restored.